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Content last updated December, 2018.

Our GoldenEgg Investing® Solutions

We all need to save and invest for retirement.

But that doesn’t mean picking home run stocks or beating the market or even finding your “number”; it means growing your wealth over time–month after month, year after year of saving and investing to build your nest egg.

Welcome to GoldenEgg Investing®, which aims to provide simple, low-risk ways for everyone from Millennials to retirees to invest for retirement with the peace of mind that you’re on the right track.

The GoldenEgg Investing® Plan uses exchange-traded funds—index mutual funds that trade on stock exchanges—to construct a lower-risk, low-cost menu of stocks, bonds and other assets that will keep you on track for a secure retirement.

These exchange-traded funds (ETFs) often are identical to the big index funds run by major fund companies but at a lower price. And because they trade on stock exchanges, you can buy them any time and from any account. Maybe that’s why investors have poured $3 trillion into them.

(For those of you who prefer to invest in traditional mutual funds, we offer additional retirement investing plans using Fidelity, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, and Charles Schwab funds. We also offer a Best Ideas plan for more active investors.)

At GoldenEgg Investing®, we say “don’t put all your Golden Eggs in one basket”! That’s why our plans include funds spread across U.S. and international stocks; U.S. and international bonds, and money market funds. So, when one fund you own zigs, the others zag. That limits your potential down side and helps you stick with the program.

We also recommend putting less money into stock than the 60-70% of your investments many advisers recommend even a few years before retirement.

Over shorter time periods, stocks may be more risky—and with two huge market declines in 2000 and 2008, many investors don’t want to take their chances.

GoldenEgg Investing®’s retirement investing plans will limit your losses during sell-offs but will keep you in the market, the only real way to reach your goals.

Finally you can’t control the markets, but you can control the biggest obstacle to growing your nest egg–fees. By suggesting rock-bottom-cheap funds and ETFs, we let you and your family keep the profits, not fund companies or investment advisers.

That’s the GoldenEgg Investing® way. We think it’s the way of the future. Why not try it now?


Howard R. Gold
Founder and President,
GoldenEgg Investing®