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The stock market is living in a dream world.

Traders and money managers, focusing exclusively on higher earnings and relatively benign monetary policy, are ignoring sky-high valuations, narrowing market breadth, and an economy that’s showing underlying weakness in housing and auto sales and signs of real strain in consumer finances.

They’re also blithely accepting that pro-business tax reform is right around the corner—despite the manifest political difficulties of achieving that—and ignoring the upcoming Washington, DC trifecta of passing a budget, preventing a government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling, none of which is in the bag by any means.

And they’ve been in deep denial about how serious the problem with North Korea is, brushing off the missile test over Hokkaido island, in Japanese air space. The United States is bound by treaty to defend Japan, a core Pacific ally for more than 70 years.

And most of all, they’re in denial about the ability of the current president, Donald J. Trump, to deal with these potential crises, which could reach a crescendo in the fall. I would say, in fact, that traders and investors are so invested in the wishful thinking that tax reform will bring great profits to Wall Street and corporate America, that they are as delusional about this president as his most hardcore supporters.

But at GoldenEgg Investing®, we try to take a more clear-eyed view of these things, and here’s what we think:

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