The Froth Is off the Rose


Well, you didn’t expect that to last forever, did you?

Everybody likes it when stocks keep going up (it even begins to feel normal), but deep down we know that sooner or later the merry-go-round has to stop. This was the week that happened.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost over 1,000 points since last Friday’s close, plunging more than 600 points today. The S&P 500 index slid more than 100 points, as both major indexes lost 4% of their value. The Nasdaq Composite index shed 250 points, a 3.4% decline from its all-time high last Friday. As a whole, stocks had their worst week in two years.

Somebody has to be at fault for this, right? Pundits blamed ten-year Treasury notes, whose yields crept above 2.8% by week’s end. A good jobs report, where year-over-year wage growth approached 2.9%, was also fingered as a culprit, since both data points suggested a quickening of the economy and inflation. That could ultimately lead to the Federal Reserve raising rates faster than the three times this year investors currently expect.

So, that settles it, doesn’t it?

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